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video packages



These types are used for building your brand it shows your customers how to do something more efficiently

.Webinar Videos:

Record a software demo or a new installation, or a presentation.

Project Reviews:

They are very effective videos in the world of corporate videos. Consumers are more confident to mak a purchas online after watching a product video.

Video PSAs:

If you're looking to evoke an emotional response this the video for you. From non-protif on a limited budget or if you have serious cash to invest, these videos uses a combination of sight and sound to affect people.

Culture Videos:

Use these to show off you team and help build your brand.


They can range from clients sharing how great it been to work with your or your team. Or industry partners who benefited from a collaboration. These are very effective videos.


Can add creativity to your brand and provide visual and emotional stimulation. It can add that wow factor your content needs to be remembered.

Picture Video:

Is a combination of a presentation with the wow factor of an animation video. It could be just the content you need to help build your brand

Scripted Video:

These types of videos are good for telling your brand story while providing examples of how to use your service or product.

Instagram Video:

Create a splash or go viral with a short video. Instagram serves as a great outlet to show the spirit of your brand.

Music Video

Create a performance or your recorded popular song accompanied by dancing and visual images. It helps you build your buzz on the internet and among your local area.

Before & After

These types of video's are perfect for showing off your talent from hair to makeup to nails. You could show off decore, contruction skills the list is long of the things a before & after video can display. These are also excellent brand building.