1. Are the job opportunities legitimate? Yes

2. Are there background checks? Yes, they are paid for by the company.

3. Do I have to pay for my certification class? Yes, certifications classes can cost up to $300.00 depending on the partner you choose to work for.

4. I have a misdemeanor on my background will that stop me from working for a company? No, in most cases misdemeanors are excusable. We would be checking for felonies and things of that sort.

5. Is drug screening required for all jobs? No, not all jobs require drug screening and those that do the cost is paid by the company.

6. How long is the certification and do I have to go to a location? No, everything is done online you will be provided with an online instructor in a class setting with other agents. Certification classes vary depending on the company you would like to service, most classes average up to 4 to 6 weeks.

7. Are there any other requirements? Yes, there is a series of simple customer service assessments that will determine whether you can handle customers. There is also a basic math and a computer test to see if your computer has the required bandwidth.

8. What happens if I fail an assessment? If you fail an assessment you will not be able to service a client for up to 30 days depending on the type of assessments.

9.  How long does an assessment take? Are they difficult? Assessments are not difficult and should be taken seriously meaning do not take an assessment on your mobile phone. They do not take long and each one is timed, but you have to take your time.

10.  What is the names of the companies? We cannot disclose that information due to NDA and Privacy Policies, however, you will see a list of our clients upon completion of your registration.

11.  Can you service more than one client? Yes, although we don't advise it until you are comfortable in your work from home environment and the platform.

12. How much do the companies pay? Because customer satisfaction is our first priority, pay is not discussed until the final paperwork is completed and you have chosen the client you would like to service.

13. Will I need a computer? VBL Productions LLC offers referrals to computer services to you for affordable monthly payments please inquire and you must be an agent of VBL Productions LLC.

14. What happens if the class I want is full? When a class fills up the opportunity is no longer available for that class until a new class is available. Opportunities open daily check back by logging in to your profile daily to see what opportunities are available. Make sure you have finalized your registration and your paperwork
has been submitted to VBL Productions then all you will need to do is chose your opportunity.

15. Do I get a refund if I don't complete my certification class? No, there are no refunds for agents that failed the certification.

16. What happens if I fail my drug screening test? Unfortunately, you will not be able to work VBL Productions LLC.

17. When do I have to pay? Payment is not collected until you have completed and passed all your assessments.

18. Do I get paid for holiday and overtime? No, because you are an independent contractor your pay will stay the same.

If you have further questions send an email to: vblproductionsllc@yahoo.com