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Our mission is to help you create an innovative representation of your business that is not only informative, but through our extensive networking we are able to provide an exclusive client experience. At VBL Productions LLC we offer the highest level of preferential services to our clients. We pride ourselves on being able to bring seemingly impossible dreams to reality, no request is ever too complicated.

VBL believes "Every successful venture start with talented people, and they are always the most important element. Personalization and one on one interactions helps us put your business needs first. In our world everyone's a star and should receive star treatment. You are an important part of our business making you happy  with your final results is what matters the most to us.


“I am very impressed and satisfied with the creative abilities, the originality, artistic skill, and knowledge that went into producing my web site. I love the overall design, the outline used in blending the color schemes, and the framework was implemented with such imagination. Lina created what I wanted to convey.”
— Patricia Burwell

“Lina helped me get acquainted with computers “She set up my Hotmail account, taught me technical things, even taught me how to
maintain a web site.Lina has been a great asset in helping me become more efficient in computer technology.”

- Ruby Ward

"As a part of my marketing strategy, I utilized the services of Lina’s Videos to create a series of video tutorials. Sound and voice control is excellent and in sync with snapshots which instantly grab a viewer’s attention. Details are specific to the layout of the physical environment as she tells a story describing the philosophical view and services offered by my agency, Independent Hands. I am pleased with the outcome of her services. I say thanks to her for a job well done and for having a great deal of patience to make my video story a success."
- Independent Hands

"WOW! I have priced alot of Marketing and Commercial sites, and found myself highly impressed with the cost of VBL Productions LLC. Not only that she was very informative and realistic with the cost of her work. Also the high quality of the videos blew me away, you really get an A-list treatment! It was a pleasure and a true boom to my buisness. Thank you so much Lina for making it possible for a small buisness like mine to become a WELL RUNNING MACHINE by just one commercial. I will always have you to thank for making my dream a reality on a small buisness budget! Thanks Lina!"
- Miniature Me's Academy

"Loved her if there was any problem or question she did not hesitate to answer it, very honest. Although I am no longer with Moblitzer she has a copy of my website stored in I would use her again in an instant."
- AgentGB007

"It was a pleasure working with Lina. She is professional, creative, and timely! I would recommend VBL Productions LLC to my freinds and colleagues!Great job! A++".

"VBL Productions LLC did a complimentary video for me to start of the business. Which I send to all of my customers who are interested in my work. I provided the pictures and am not much of a photograper but VBL worked with them making them as clear as possible. I love the child theme they chose for the video, its almost magical and Lina is so easy to work with. Thanks again Lina."
- The Touch Collection

"Lina is sooo patient I'm not very computer savvy. She picked my style just by speaking with me on my business card, I get so many compliments when handing them out. When I am ready to get my website I will for sure be using Vidoebylina."
- Jerseyskills

experienced web designerPeople are what make organizations interesting. Their personalities, life stories, the unscripted moments when they act like themselves... that’s what really drives their company or their cause. Online media, including video, opened a whole new way for customers to relate to the people behind a brand. I love helping others build those connections.”

Lina Jones
Shopper Magazine


Address: PO Box 2025, Chesapeake VA 23327